Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What? She's how old??

Monday, my baby girl turned 9 years old. I haven't posted until now, because I have been waiting for the weather to clear to get some 9-year-old photos.. but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. So here is one of my favorite pics from this summer.. LOL {This is what I got when I told her to do something silly for the camera}

Another thing that it doesn't look like will happen is her birthday/costume/ dance-around-the-bonfire party. She was so looking forward to that, but it has been raining for the last two weeks. The ground is wet. The wood is wet. The trees are.. well, you get the idea.  This bonfire was this summer, around the 4th of July. She had a lot of fun dancing around it. {Maggie wasn't too happy about it, though}

She is rather musical, and likes to drum on things... when we were carving pumpkins the other day, she liked drumming on the hollowed out pumpkins to see what they sounded like.

She told me she wanted Jason to come over for her birthday. I told her she'd have to settle for her cousins. LOL. Hopefully we'll be able to do the Traditional Cake Photo on Friday - when we went to get the candles for the cake Monday, we found an empty mouse chewed box. Darned mice. But Rhi was just as happy with a plain birthday cake and no candles.

 Happy birthday, baby girl.

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Chris (Tir) said...

I love that picture of her and the bonfire. Very nice!