Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I am an aunt again! My brother David and his wife Jennie had their first baby today - a little boy. Born at 1:06 am, 8 lbs, 8oz, 20 inches long. I'm not posting his name, as I don't have permission, but it made me cry - because they chose our dad's name as his middle name.

I can't wait to see photos, and am hoping we will be able to drive up to Des Moines soon to visit them. (as soon as they are ready for visitors, that is!)

updating - I have permission now :) His name is Rowen Donald Erwin - can't wait to see photos of the little guy! I also can't wait to tell the kids in the morning that they have a new cousin!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Photos with Jones

Took some photos the last few days of the kids with Jones.. I love how they turned out! The truck is a fabulous backdrop.. and I'm going to take more photos of the cousins tomorrow (hopefully the weather will be good!)

blog candy and a birthday

Found some lovely blog candy posts (Thanks Harley!) Make sure you check out the rest of their blogs too, because these ladies are fabulous paper artists!

LOVE the Magnolia stamp in this candy giveaway! I NEED this stamp - she has a little lamb! I do love these stamps, and hope to have a few eventually! Check it out HERE

Awesome blog candy with some of Tim's stamps (hooray!) HERE

Beautiful SU blog candy HERE

More lovely blog candy HERE.. check out those crocheted flowers!

White blog candy - flowers and lace and thickers HERE. And check out her tear bears - omg, they are AMAZING!

Blue blog candy HERE

Lovely MM blog candy HERE

2 chances for blog candy HERE.. a stamping bella GC and some cuttlebug/BG prize!

Xtra special blog candy HERE

Amazing candy HERE

More great blog candy HERE

Fabulous papers and stamps HERE

Ladybug and Friends stamps - very cute HERE

I missed the blog candy on THIS blog but OMG you have GOT to check out her work!! AMAZING! (the original blog is in Swedish - the link goes to a translation page).

Oh. Yeah. And it's my birthday again. Hooray.
Had yummy Strawberry crepes for breakfast, and can't wait for dinner at the Abbey tonight. Not going to get much else done today, I don't think, so I'd better get going.. have fun with the blog candy above, and like I said, make sure to check out the rest of the posts on the blogs.. there are some fabulous paper artists out there - one of the things I like best about blog candy posts is the chance to find new blogs for inspiration. (I just hope Jingle doesn't enter them all! the lucky duck! LOL)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On being sick, blog candy, and birthdays

Being sick sucks. For most of this month, my whole family has been sick - probably the flu - coughing, stuffy heads, etc. Not fun at all. I still (2 weeks later) can start coughing at the drop of a hat - or especially around aerosols or other strong odors - which makes my husband unhappy, since he smokes. Bleah.

On the bright side - it's been in the 70s and 80s this week, so MUCH nicer weather... and it is nice to get out into the sunshine. My brother is coming over a lot more, and tilling up the gardens, cutting down all the deadwood from the storms last summer, and putting up storage buildings.

Found some LOVELY blog candy on Sonja's blog - poor girl accidentally lost all of her previous work and had to start a new blog!! I love the Chloe's Closet items - those little stick pins are too too cute! Check out her blog HERE

Saturday is my birthday.. and most of my friends know how birthdays make me feel.. I just find them rather depressing. I'm hoping this year will be different - I made to take the day off work, and we are going to a fabulous restaurant called the Abby for dinner - I went there once before for a friend's going away party, and had the most fabulous dinner (melt-in-your-mouth, cooked-to-perfection steak *yum* ). And they are very willing to work with us to find something my daughter can eat, since she is so sensitive to high fructose corn syrup.

Patti from AMR sent me this birthday card the other day - I love it! It is a bigger card (6x6.5), and I was surprised to see it.. I love the background on the stamped image, and am waiting for Patti to tell me how she did it!

This is what my husband gave me for my birthday!
This is Jones. He is a 1952 Chevrolet truck (I forget exactly what kind). DH has been looking for a project car for himself and DS, and since I told him I wanted a Mater... this is the closest he could find. I think he's a really cool truck. (but if my DH thinks I'm going to get out there and sand the rust off, he has another think coming!!). My daughter thinks that the right headlight should be knock out, the hood taken off, and a tow apparatus added to the back. LOL
Still hoping to get a new lens for the camera for my birthday too, but that will have to wait.