Monday, June 29, 2009

Just a quick post...

... before I have to go off and run some errands and then go to work....

I have gotten 61 layouts done for the LSS contest !! Woohoo !! That is a TON of layouts for me !! And the best part is that I am happy with the vast majority of them! The challenge runs until July 17, so there are several challenges to go.. The next challenge is to use multiple photos on a layout - the first layout has to have 3 pictures, the next 4 pictures, then 5 pictures, and so on. Eventually I'll have to start doing 2 pagers, I think!

Anyway, here is a sampling on the layouts I have done for the contest challenges.

Oh.. yah.. I found out JMC is going to be in Carlinville IL in July!! YEAH! Firstly it's cool, because that's where I went to college... and.. it's JMC! Close enough that we can go see him again!! So DD and I are REALLY excited about that! AND he will be in Mason City IA the day before.... which is a Friday (bleah), but if I can get it off work, I'm going to try to go to that one too! Which is neat, cos that is not too far from the other college I went to! {And my brother and his family live in Des Moines, which means I can stop in a visit Rowen!! }

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bloghop winners!!

Lauri has announced the blog hop winners on the ScrapAttack Scrapbooking blog - Check it out!

There were 1166 total comments left during the blog hop, and one was chosen from here! Woohoo!

Don't forget - my challenge runs through June 30 - Make sure to post back here and don't forget your screen name!

Also, the Sakura contest runs through July 6th - more information on that HERE.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scrap Attack Blog Hop!!!

Welcome to the ScrapAttack Scrapbooking Blog Hop!!!
If this is your first stop, you need to go to Lauri's Blog to start at the beginning!! And I will see you back here in a bit! There are 16 blogs in this hop, and you don't want to miss a single one!!

Welcome to the blog hop!!

ScrapAttack, as you know by this far into the blog hop, is a fabulous website with a store, message board, an awesome gallery, and a ton of cool members. The board is challenge heavy, with new challenges posted every other week, frequent crops, and postings about contests and calls. The store is also great, and Lauri has the best customer service I have come across in a long time! She ships fast, is always willing to work on things if there is a problem, and frequently offers RAKs to board members. Oh, and did I mention she has some of the coolest stuff in the store??? And prizes! Yum! I have gotten a couple of prizes from crops, and they are great!
One of my favorite things about SAS are Lauri's kits. I was lucky enough to get one of the first kits she did last year, and loved how many things she packed into them. I have tried to get as many of them as I can, but sometimes they sell out faster than I can get one!
This month, Lauri has started to do pre-orders for the kits, and I pre-ordered the June kit (which will go on sale on the 17th - so run over to the store and get one!!) Imagine my surprise when I received it not 2 days after getting a note from Lauri that it was going to be shipped! {Like I said FAST service!!}

So... without further ado... introducing....

the June Lily Bee Design Kit

Check out these YUMMY papers!!

These layouts were done using the June Kit... I added the photos, Kraft paper, bird stamp, and the rubons.. everything else was in the kit!

One of the other things I love about Lauri's kits is that I can order extras of the goodies I want, and not have to buy a whole 'nother kit! Buttons, bling, papers, etc.. she will have them all listed in the store separately {which is good, because I need more goodies for this kit!}

In order to be eligible for Lauri's prizes, you must leave a comment here by June 23rd - Lauri will be making the rounds and picking winners on that day {I don't know what time, so if you are reading this on the 23rd, go ahead and comment unless you see a winner has been posted!}

ALSO I will be offering a prize for completing the following challenge:

1. If you haven't already, become a member of the SAS message board.

2. Complete 1 current challenge listed on the challenge board.

3. Post a link in the comments section by June 30th at midnight PST (Don't forget to tell me your board name and the challenge you completed!)

AAAAND! Scrap Attack has also teamed up with Sakura for a lovely contest!
Here are the rules:
1. Create a project using your Soufflé or Glaze pens on something other than paper (if you need some ideas - keep reading!).
2. Upload your project to the {SAS}sy Creative Gallery and...
3. Hop on over here to the {SAS}sy Blog and link it in your comment by Midnight PST on Monday July 6, 2009!
2 winners will receive a complete set of souffle' pens. These pens are fabulous for using on acrylic, and for writing on photos as well.

Now, on to the next blog! Check out dianagirly's BLOG - she was chosen as the SAS guest designer for June and has an awesome gallery!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Busy Day!

Today is going to be a BUSY day!

The Last Serendipity Scrapper Standing starts today! The first challenge will be posted around 9am CST - then we will have 24 hours to make as many layouts as we can. I know I won't win, since Terri is playing, but it will be interesting to see how many layouts I can get done.

Also, ScrapAttack Scrapbooking University starts tonight! woohoo! Can't wait to see what the first class is!

Oh, yeah, and I have to go do laundry tomorrow, and still go to work bleah.

Here's a picture of my cutie patootie new nephew, Rowen... isn't he a DOLL???

Friday, June 12, 2009

Staycation Crop at Serendipity

Most of us can't afford to take a vacation this summer - I know I can't. One of the latest trends is to do a Stay-cation, where you take the time off work, but visit things in your area, usually places you wouldn't normally go.
Based on this principle, Serendipity is hosting a Stay-Cation crop this weekend! There will be a lot of fun challenges, and Kristen will have blue light specials in the store, that only crop participants will be able to take advantage of. Sevearl prizes will be given (and believe me, Kristen comes up with some GREAT prizes!) You will need to be a member of the board to play, but membership is FREE.
AND - right after the Stay-Cation Crop, the Last Scrapper Standing contest starts! It runs from June 15 to July 17. Challenges will be posted every other day, and the scrapper with the most pages done at the end, wins. I've signed up, though I'm not sure how I'll do, since I work full time, and I'll be up against people who have far more time to scrap than I do. But we'll see. It should be fun anyway!
So come on over and join the fun... I'll be at work most of Friday, but will be able to play the rest of the weekend.
Hope to see you there!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Don't forget to check out ScrapAttack Scrapbooking for the next installment of SSU! Last time we did a lot of photography and image manipulation, but this time, the classess with be scrap related. There is a card kit that can be ordered ahead of time to have, but if you can't get it, you can use what you have and still do the classes. Classes stay up for a while, which is good for me, because I'm working at the time they are posted.

Here are some sneak peeks! {photos from the SAS blog}

Class schedule

1. {SAS}sy Stamping Techniques (6/15)

2. A {SAS}sy Stationary Set (6/17)

3. Using those {SAS}sy Extras on your Projects (6/19)

4. {SAS}sy Card Kit (6/21)

5. Scrappin' {SAS}sy Style on Canvas (6/23)

6. A {SAS}sy Note Holder (6/25)

Classes are FREE!! You do have to be a member of the board, but membership to the board is FREE too!

Also, make sure to check back on June 18th - SAS will have a hopping blog party with prizes!! Can't wait!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ties That Bind Art Doll Raffle

{all images in this post are from the Ties That Bind blog}

Tim posted about this on his blog, and I followed the links, and this is such a fascinating project - I wish I had known about it earlier, because I would have liked to send in a charm.. But I'll definitely have to be getting some raffle tickets for this awesome doll, and to support this great cause.

The doll was made by many artists for the raffle as a way to raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Reseach Fund.

The doll is decorated with handmade/altered ties and charms from a ton of artists, including Tim. The blog shows each individual item in closer detail. The details on some of these pieces are simply amazing.

The raffle winner will be chosen on the last day of September. To purchase tickets and support the ovarian cancer research, click HERE to go to Scrapbook Royalty website. And make sure to tell everyone you know about the raffle.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thanks, and a new Challenge blog!!

Thanks, everyone for the comments on the previous post.. each day is getting a little easier.. though I still expect Ali to scratch at the door to come in at night.

(image from the Pile It On! blog)

A couple of gals from Savvy N Sassy have started a new challenge blog called Pile It On! Pile it On! is a great challenge blog for me, because the whole purpose behind these challenges is to literally pile as many challenges onto a project as you can. This is something I like to do anyway, especially since I am active on 4 message board, all of which have crops and challenges, and often at the same time! I have had people tell me it isn't right to combine challenges like that, so it was really nice to find a blog that.. well... validates what I already do!

The first challenge from Pile It On! is to use a non-stamped title/sentiment.

Here is my card:

The sentiment is a quote sticker {DCWV}. I put it on white paper first, inked and distressed the edges, and added bling before attaching to the card. {the bling is a little hard to see - it is in the center of the little hearts on the flourishes}

The other challenges I used on this blog:
Color Chef Challenge #9 Use black, white, red, and dark yellow
Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge #21
ABC Challenge Q is for Quilted
2RedBananas Pattern Frenzy - use at least three different patterned papers {I used, MME (red dots), K&Co (yellow stripes), and one I can't identify (black and red stripes), cos I cut of the name the first time I used it}
Kitchen Sink #14 - Use a non-stamping item that is headed for the trash as an embellishment or layer {the black dotted paper is actually packaging from the Prima bling flourishes}
Secret Crafter #35 Bling - 2 small gems {Martha Stwart} on the sentiment, and sparkly DMC gold floss for stitches.
Stamptacular Sunday Challenge #10 - masculine theme and use stamping. For me, tonight, that was the hardest part, because I couldn't find a really good masculine stamp. The one I used was the best one I found - it was made by Angi-B. {And I'm really sad she isn't making stamps anymore.. I love her images}

This is also the first card I have colored with watercolor pencils... aaand now I know to color all the LIGHT colors FIRST! LOL... Otherwise you get messy faces... LOL

If you are like me and like to combine challenges... check out Pile It On! It definitely looks promising!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Goodbye, dear friend

A warning - this post is photo heavy, very sad, and has nothing scrappy in it... if you still want to read it, have at it. Otherwise, I'm sorry, and I'll be back to scrappy stuff next time.

(And NO, I did not name her Ali because I am a scrapbooker. Her name was Ali before we adopted her)

Today is such a bad day. Today my husband and I made the very difficult decision to let Ali go. Her health has been deteriorating over the past months, and getting really bad the last few days. This morning, she did not even want to take a treat, which is so not like her. So today I took her to work with me, so I could put her to sleep. It's hard enough to put other people's pets to sleep, even when it is the right thing to do. It is much harder still to do my own. She sat in the front seat, her favorite seat, and spent a little time looking out the window. Most of the time, she just wanted me to pet her. And when I stopped for a moment, to rest my hand on the gear shift like I usually do, she would paw at my hand until I put it back on her head.

(This picture was taken on Memorial Day)

We adopted Ali a few years ago. Her previous owners were already considering taking her to Bassett Rescue, when she fell ill. They brought her into the clinic, where she was diagnosed with Addison's Disease. When a dog has Addison's, or hypoadrenocorticism, the adrenal glands do not do their job properly to make the steroids the body needs to function. They become dehydrated, depressed, can start vomiting and be very sick as their electrolytes get more and more out of whack. There is a treatment for it, which is good, but it can be expensive, which is not. And it is really more of a "management" than a "treatment" as they need to have injections every 3-4 weeks, sometimes oral medications too, or they will have a relapse. Also, the medications can have some side effects - making the dogs drink a lot, and urinate a lot.. they gain weight, and need special diets.. they can develop other endocrine diseases (such as thyroid disease or diabetes). So there is a big commitment when it comes to taking care of an Addison's dog. If the owner can handle the commitment, the dog can live quite happily for several years. For Ali, another big problem is that she is a Bassett, which is a breed that has deformed front legs (and her were particularly bad), and is very prone to hip dysplasia, ear and skin infections, allergies and eye problems. One of the worst parts of my job is not being able to FIX everything, sometimes all we can do is patch it, and hope it works.

(Sneaking a nap on the couch, with Mom's favorite blanket)

My husband drives a semi, and ever since I met him, he has told me he wanted to have a Bassett (think Fred from Smokey and the Bandit). So we talked to Ali's owners to see if they would let us adopt her instead of putting her to sleep. They agreed, and she became ours. Once she was well enough, she went on the road with my husband, and loved it. I have never seen a dog so happy in a truck. I used to call her AliFred, because she was a truck Bassett. She loved to be on the road, and danced in the driveway every time he was getting ready to leave. She knew his truck, not only by sight, but also by sound. Gary took her medicine with her, and always had an extra injection in case he couldn't make it home by the time she needed her shot. Unfortunately, her frequent potty stops did not work well with a trucker's schedule, and my husband had to make the decision to leave her at home. She was NOT happy. She liked the rest of us well enough... but she wanted to be on the road with him. I always knew when Gary was coming home with the truck - she heard him long before I did. She loved that Freightliner, and growled at the new truck he got after the Freightliner was sold.

(Sitting with Dad one of the days he was home)

(hugging Patrick)

She loved the kids too, and played with them unless it was cold. With her arthritis and hip dysplasia, she did not tolerate the cold very well. Even medications were not as helpful as I wanted them to be. We made her a bed - thick foam cushion, warm fleece cover - it even had a blanket. She loved her bed. It was in the living room, right in front of the TV, where she could still see everything that was going on. All we had to do was tell her to get in the sleeper, and there she was. She would snuggle under the blanket when she was cold, until all you saw was the tip of her nose.

(I had set the laundry in the living room after coming home from the laundromat, and a lot of it ended up on her bed. She tried to sleep on the last little corner that was left)

She loved company.. a little too much, sometimes.. Anybody sitting on the ground or the floor was fair game. She loved to sit on the couch and sleep with my husband when he was napping there, though we didn't let her get on the couch too much as her hips worsened. She even loved the cats, and would play with them outside (and not in a mean way, like some dogs do.) She loved to investigate all the babies, though she didn't really like the chicks, but she would lick the lambs and try to clean them. She had bad habits too - getting into the trash, jumping on the couch when she wasn't supposed to, sneaking into the cat food.. but they were mostly tolerable.

(This picture was taken the day Jones was delivered. She so wanted the boys to play with her.)

(Playing with Patrick again)
She didn't mind Rhi dressing her up - as a hula girl, as Underdog, as a witch. She had a pirate costume for Halloween. My mom made her pajamas at Christmas last year, the same as everyone else. She never complained, until the last few months when her arthritis started to hurt her more.
(Playing dressup with Rhi)
She always wanted to be the center of attention... while I had the kids posed for Memorial Day pictures on the back of the trailer, she came over and wanted to be part of it to. 20 minutes of trying to get a decent photo... and she sat there the entire time. All she wanted was to be where everyone else was.

She loved kisses and chewies. She loved just sitting there being petted. She loved playing with Gary as he teased her by jingling her "prettypretty" (her collar and tags). She loved to ride in the truck and the car. She would follow us everywhere on the farm. She would bark at the sheep and play with the cats.
(sitting in the driveway with Rhi, waiting for Patrick's science experiment to work)
We have a nice, quiet little room with a couch and a coffee table at work, to allow a little privacy for the families for these type of days. I gave Ali the first injection while she was on the table, and she laid her head on my chest, trying to climb into my lap. So I let her, and I let her sit on the couch with me (which is something she was not allowed to do). She sat in my lap, wagging her tail as she fell asleep. And I cried. Afterwards, I still had to work. Not the easiest thing in the world. Especially as there were two other pets there today for the same thing.

So today was a very bad day, and I was very sad when I was driving home, with her in the back, on her way home to be buried. I couldn't help but wonder if she was mad at me, or thought I didn't try hard enough to fix her, or if she just didn't understand or thought we didn't love her anymore. And right after I had that thought, I looked up into the sky, and saw a huge cloud in front of me, that looked like a dancing dog with wings. I wish I had had my camera with me. Because seeing that, I knew she understood, and I had no doubts she loves me. And I know I will see her again.

And I'll tell you something else.. if dogs don't go to Heaven - I'm not going either.
We buried Ali in our little pet cemetary, near Rachel and the other cats. Gary gave her his hat and the vest she used to sleep on in the truck. I put in my favorite photo of her and Gary, so they would always be together. We gave her one of her favorite chewies, and Rhi and I picked flowers from the garden to give her. Then my brother buried her for us, as Gary had to go back on the road before I got home. And all of us, as much as we complained about her being underfoot, cried when we realized she never would be again.

(dancing in the driveway)

Keep dancing, baby girl - at least now it won't hurt you when you do. I love you, Ali. And you will definitely be missed.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pick of the Day, and Framed again!

I have posted a ton of layouts on the board from the Mayhem crop.

One has been chosen for Scrap Attack's pick of the day for yesterday- the "on the verge" layout. I love this layout about my son, he is growing up so fast, and has readhed to point where he is not really a child, but not an adult yet either.

This layout from my Book of Me was chosen to be Framed on Savvy N Sassy for today. I don't often scrap about myself, which is why I started the BOM in the first place. I am really happy with this layout though.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mayhem is over

waah, it's all over...

Had a lot of fun, and got a TON done.. Here are some of the challenges I finished

DIY flowers

Dream I also did as a Progressive challenge for AMR - I just made the flowers so it would work for the DIY flowers challenge instead of using pre-made ones.
Stamp and emboss - the challenge was to stamp on a layout, with extra points if the image was embossed and cut out. LOL I did this challenge 7 times.

Fringe challenge - make or use premade fringe on a LO. I made my own.