Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pick of the Day, and Framed again!

I have posted a ton of layouts on the board from the Mayhem crop.

One has been chosen for Scrap Attack's pick of the day for yesterday- the "on the verge" layout. I love this layout about my son, he is growing up so fast, and has readhed to point where he is not really a child, but not an adult yet either.

This layout from my Book of Me was chosen to be Framed on Savvy N Sassy for today. I don't often scrap about myself, which is why I started the BOM in the first place. I am really happy with this layout though.


Chrispea said...
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Chrispea said...

I really love your top layout. The photos of your DS totally tell a story. Congrats on pick of the day!! Well deserved!

"Tornado" Terri said...

I like that layout with you wearing the mask - cool picture! And great BOM layout!