Saturday, October 31, 2009

New pumpkin photos and birthday photos

Had Rhi's 9th-birthday-non-bonfire-no cousins party tonight. She was a little unhappy about the bonfire and the cousins, but she managed ok. We had dinner (chili for the adults, and tomato soup for the kids). After cleaning up, got ready to watch a movie (she picked Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen). Had cake and ice cream. I'm really pleased with the birthday candle photo this year - I think that's the best one yet.

(taken after dinner and before cake)

(this is her pumpkin birthday cake)

(the birthday candle cake - I kept forgetting to buy candle holders, and found these letter candles at Walgreens. Since she is nine, we only used "HAPPY BDAY!"  instead of the whole word birthday. She was pretty happy with it, but the candles melted FAST. I won't be getting those again!)

Managed to remember to get new photos of the JMC pumpkin the other day too. And I am really happy with them, they are much clearer than the first one. And no, I still didn't find my tripod, but I sat on one of the kitchen chairs and propped the camera on the back of the chair. Worked pretty well.

(closeup of the carved area)

Played around with the camera settings a bit.. was able to get this photo, which I think is REALLY cool. I love how dark the background is, with just a little bit of fire color coming through.

Not sure if I will be around to post tomorrow.. so if not.. Happy Halloween everyone....


Abby said...

how cute! Love the JMC pumpkin and the pic of your dd blowing out the candles! She's so cute!

Lisa Howard said...

Awesome photos!!! I love the dark one too! Happy B-day to your sweet girl...such a pretty one, she is!

Jingle said...

That cake looks great! The candle shot is really good!

noel joy said...

those turned out fabulous!!! :)