Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blog award!

Michelle gave me a blog award today!!

Thanks Michelle! Check out Michelle's blog here - it is a new blog, but very promising, so check it out!

Here's the info on the blog award:

* Say thank you and give a link to the presenter of the award
* Share “10 Honest Things” about myself
* Present the award to 9 other bloggers whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design or to those who have encouraged me
* Be sure to tell the 9 bloggers chosen that you are giving them the Honest Scrap award and provide the guidelines for them

Here are 10 things about me. Some you probably already know, and some not..

1. (The Given LOL) I am obsessed with Jason Michael Carroll. Nah, really? Seriously, he is a great musician, a really nice guy, and um hot. I have been to 5 concerts because they are fabulous - he is a great showman, loves to interact with his audience, and has a lot of fun doing it.  I listen to his music all the time - it's my favorite driving and scrapping music, and am working on a JMC album. Actually, 2 - one is a smaller one {8x8} that I hope to be able to give to him someday.
2. I don't feel old enough to have an almost-teenager for a son. My son will be 13 in just a few months. How did that happen?! It seems like just last week he was a baby.
3. I dabble in writing stories. Yeah, I know, you'd think I'd be better at journaling.. but that's why I just dabble with writing. LOL
4. My favorite winter food is chili with noodles. And I love hot apple cobbler for dessert.
5. I still live with my mom. LOL well, technically, my mom lives with me {since it is my house!} Works out really well most of the time. I am so grateful that she is here, because without her, I would not be able to do most of the things I do {work nights, stay on the farm, homeschool the kids and still work full time, and I certainly wouldn't be able to get as much scrapping done! Plus she is a fabulous cook! Much better than I am!}
6. I like cats better than dogs. Sorry. I know I should like them all equally. But I like that cats can take care of themselves better - they don't need to be walked in the rain. They can be left alone for a couple of days with a bowl of food and a bowl of water, and I don't have to worry about them. They don't bark.  And I like their little purrboxes.
7. I am terrified of flying. I have been afraid of flying most of my life, but was actually doing a decent job of getting over it until Sept 11th happened. Now, I don't even want to go to the airport. The last time I went was to pick up my husband when he came back from Iraq. That was 5 years ago. Which is too bad, because I would love to see Ireland again, but for now.. if I can't drive there.. I won't go.
8. I have had grey hair since I was 12. Yep, really. I blame my parents - that's when they got divorced. Most of the time I color it red.. have been thinking about doing a different color though but I always chicken out, and go back to red.
9. I have tattoos. Some of you may know that already. They are on my shoulders. One is a unicorn head with a star at the tip of the horn, and the other is this:

Well, without the words.. just the heart with flames. I've had it since 1989.
10. While I am glad my DH is out of the Army... I miss seeing him in his uniform. The dress one, of course, not the fatigues.

I am giving this award to the following people - They are all people that I follow, and admire, and weren't on Michelle's list LOL. {Click on the blog name to go to their blogs!}

Wendi - Scrappy Day in Paradise - I love Wendi's work. She has done some fabulous cards and layouts.
Susan - Creatively Savvy -  Susan's work is amazing. I want to be Susan when I grow up. :)
Ellen - Today I am Thankful For... -  Another amazing scrap artist - I love her challenges.
Lisa - Takin' Life One Day at a Time - More scrappy goodness here!
Kristin - Memories by the Pageful -  Kristin has also done some great challenges. I love the layers she does on her pages.
Nadine - My Scrap'n'stuff - Nadine has some fabulous layouts!
Peggy - Peggy's Projects -  Peggy is super nice and has some fun layouts too!
Pat - A Scrappin' Nana - Pat has done some very pretty pages, and some fabulous cards!
Ann - A Day in the Life Too -  Ann has done some fabulous projects, and takes some gorgeous photos!


Susan Stringfellow said...

Thanks sooo much! You are just too sweet! I love all of the blogs you chose too so I will be hopping around a bit.

ALSO- guess what? I got a grey streak when I was a teen too! In the back - not huge but annoying since I had dark hair. I started getting more when I was around 30 so yes, I color my hair all the time. :)

Thanks again - I love scrapping with you and I always enjoy your concert pages.

Michelle said...

Thanks for doing that Julie! I enjoyed reading your 10 honest thoughts! (Oh, & by the way, I am starting to think I like cats more than dogs too, but I feel guilty saying that since I now have one of each!)

Lisa T. Howard said...

Thank you, Sweetie! I'm excited about all the new blogs to stalk. Can't wait.

I'm laughing at you and Susan because I'm a victim of grey hair too. I was in my 20's but it was enough to send me running to a colorist. Always, always color my hair.

I'm having a blast getting to know you at SS and this was another great way to learn more about you.


ellen s. said...

ah! thanks so much!!!! it was fun to know your 10 honest thoughts!

Jingle said...

I like dogs better than cats, so I guess it's okay for you to like them 'un-evenly!' LOL! I didn't know you had tattoos! That surprised me for some reason, but I can't really figure out why. Thanks for sharing a bit about you!

Nadine C said...

Awww, thanks Julie. Btw, your blog is awesome!

ellen s. said...

i forgot to come back and tell you i did mine!