Friday, September 4, 2009


So... what would I get if I combined three of my favorite things?? (those things being scrapbooking, JMC and Twilight of course...)

Ok, so I admit it, I have been a wee bit {read: WAY} obsessive about Jason Michael Carroll lately. I can't help it. The man is amazing. He has a fabulous, sexy voice. He sings awesome songs, some of which I can really relate to, and some of which are just plain fun. And "Alyssa", which makes me cry, but has helped so many people. He is a great showman, and so much fun to see in concert {which is why I have gone to see him FIVE times - not as many as some, I know, but it's put 1400 miles on my car, and more than 1200 photos on my computer!} He tries to make sure every fan in the audience has a great time. I can't stop listening to his music - so much so that even my mom {who lives with me} and my kids now know the words to most of his songs. My friends don't help much - one of the gals on the AMR board wondered if I would come to her county fair since he was playing.. and I would, except that it's in Pennsylvania!! {Oh, yeah, and I have to work LOL}

I had done a couple of layouts previously, but what really got me started on my JMC scrapbook album was a challenge during the LSSS contest. It was easy - I had a ton of photos that weren't the best quality (as I didn't have a decent camera at the time), and the challenge was to use 3 photos and song lyrics on the layouts, plus a couple of other requirements. I had recently found the DCWV RockStar album at Big Lots, of all places, and I already had the Rock Star paper stack {and had used it for a JMC layout before}. So it was a natural choice to use those photos and Jason's lyrics for those layouts. And that started the ball rolling.

Unfortunately, his lyrics are finite at this point {as he has only released two albums!} and I took most of those 1200 photos at this summer's concerts. And since I have a better camera, there are more really good photos that I want to scrap. So, since I had some time to kill between running some errands and going to work the other day, I stopped at the public library to see if they had last week's copy of Country Weekly, which has an article about Jason's new video for "Hurry Home" {which I missed finding on the news stand}. Well, they didn't, unfortunately, but they had two magazine holders full of CW magazine. So I sat in the library with the time I had, looking for pictures, articles, fan letters, whatever.. and found a bit. {Granted it would have been easier to have a periodicals catalogue or something like that... I just did it the old fashioned way.. one page at a time!}. Made some color copies on the copy machine {wonderful thing, copying in color - looks almost like the actual magazine page!}.

So what has all of that got to do with Twilight? Really nothing - but one of the magazines had this photo in the table of contents: {And I apologize, I didn't think to write down who the photographer was because I was making a photo copy, but there is no credit on the pages I copied!}
And I did a doubletake, because MAN..... this is not the sweet, fun, laughing Jason I usually see.. this Jason is DARK. This Jason is exactly how I would picture him if he was a vampire. {Incidentally, have you seen how sharp his canines are? hmmmmm.....}. This Jason is brooding and sardonic and feral. Not EVIL, but definitely not someone you want to cross paths with in a dark alley in the middle of the night, especially if you are doing something he doesn't approve of. I have been drawn to this picture ever since I found it. I seriously think this is my favorite Jason picture. The creative writer in me is itching to write something about the character I see in my head when I look at this picture. Haven't fleshed out that character and his history enough to start writing about him, but I did get a layout made.
I wanted something fairly simple, and found a pack of white flourishy rubons from Basic Grey, Glitz gems, AC chandelier rubon. Needed something velvety, wanted something black, but I found this flower by Imaginesce {in the Bazzill collection, which I have had FOREVER} and the color was PERFECT. Had a little trouble with a center until I found a set of silver buttons - the design of which is very smiliar to the necklace he is wearing. This layout is actually an 8x8, and now hangs in a Clear Scraps acrylic page display, hung with a leather strip. I'll do a 12x12 page later, when I scrap the article, but this one wanted to be made now.
{the black clip is not part of the layout, it is just holding it up so I could take a picture}

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ohhhh such a hottie and love how the paged turned out.. I have my slight obsession with Dave Gahan!!! LOL