Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A sad day

Today was a sad day for us. Today we lost a kitty friend.

Potsy was my son's cat. A client brought me two tiny kittens on emergency one Sunday, after their mother {who was a stray} had been hit by a car. They needed bottle feeding. The black one was super noisy, and quickly acquired the name Ralph the Mouth {though we later realized she was a girl and renamed her Rachel}. So the little orange bob-tailed one became Potsy {who, if you don't remember, was Ralph's best friend on Happy Days}. They were so tiny when they came to live with us. I took this picture once they were old enough to eat kitten food - they both fit into the bowl at the same time.
He was so accomodating, even as a young kitten. All he wanted was to be held. He was a funny little fuzzy thing, and he made us laugh.
This is Potsy's first encounter with Hannah, who was a bottle lamb. He was not quite sure what to think about her. But it was so funny to watch them trying to figure each other out.
Potsy was always a little odd though. He liked to sleep in the strangest places. I caught this first picture of him and Rachel - sleeping in my shoes.
Not a strange place, but still one of my favorite pictures {sleeping on the couch with Rhi}
I don't know what he was thinking when this happened. Yep, he is sleeping on top of the food bowls. How is that comfortable?
He got along pretty well with Tabby, and they tried sharing the kitty bed. They didn't quite fit.
As I'm taking the photos, he crawls out.. but can only get so far before he falls asleep again. {Somedays, you just can't get too far from the bed...}
The egg basket? Really? Amazingly enough, he didn't break one egg.
He really liked the new couch when we got it. This was one of his favorite places to sleep.

As soon as he was big enough, he chose Patrick as his person. It never ceased to amaze me how much that cat loved that boy. They were always together, and if you wanted to find one, you looked for the other.
He slept on Patrick's bed, would seek him out whenever he wanted anything, and if Patrick was watching TV, Potsy was right there with him. He would often "help" Patrick with his school work.

Over the last week and a half, Potsy has been doing worse, having trouble breathing, and losing a lot of weight. His chest started to fill up with fluid - which is never a good thing, and usually not something that is treatable - at least not with any great success. So we made the decision to put him to sleep. We buried him next to his sister, in our little pet cemetary, so they could be together again.
{these last two pictures were taken on Memorial Day, when we had the bonfire. He was fascinated by the fire, and when the childen started dancing around it, he danced with them}
Farewell, my friend. We will miss you.


Cindy said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to your family. Remembering Potsie is a wonderful thing. :(

Jingle said...

Julie, I am so sorry you lost your kitty. He looks like such a wonderful friend!