Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Photo Shoot

Nicole had posted a photo challenge on AMR - Take 3 photos of the same person from 3 different angles.. so that's what got things started.

DD and I went outside - near our little pet cemetary, we have a huge uprooted old tree stump, which is great for sitting on. So I thought that would be a nice place to be outside and get some photos.

Well, of course, the MOMENT we get out there and get started, the cats have to come over and see what we are doing. Felicia came over first and had to worm her way into Rhi's arms, and I got tired of trying to crop her out.. so we just went with it. Then we heard meowing off in the woods, and here comes Warlock, who has to take a turn. {Warlock is the striped tabby in the above photo}
So here are the three challenge photos.

The last one is BY FAR my favorite - I took it by standing on top of the stump and looking down at them. {I think she looks a bit like Hermione Granger in this photo}

Once we had these pictures, I was done, because I wanted to come in and post them, but Rhi wanted to do more {have to LOVE having a willing model for photos!!}

Felicia decided she would come with us. And after a bit of coaxing from Rhi, so did Warlock.

Our next prop was Jones. I love this truck.. makes a great backdrop for photos, and has lovely wide fenders that are just the right size for the kids to sit on!

Didn't get too many pictures before Felicia jumped up there wanting to get involved LOL

The next prop was my brother's old wooden trailer, which sits by the road. We live on a pretty quiet gravel road, which is very nice. And, again, of course, the cats had to come and "help". I love this picture - Warlock was trying to get Rhi to pet him.

I really like this photo too.

Our last prop of the day was Henry, the '53 Ford tractor. Unfortunately, Henry wasn't in a great spot, and I didn't feel like moving him, so this was all we got.


CraftyRia said...

Awesome photo shoot!

Stacy said...

She is beautiful! Lovely pictures!!!