Monday, May 4, 2009

Star for the Day!

My Ramsey layout was chosen as Star of the Day on SAS for today! Hooray!

This layout was done for the Driving Miss Daisy Challenge... use the colors of a license plate on a layout. Bonus points for using the plate from your state. Black, brown and white were freebies, and you could add 1 extra color.
Well I live in Missouri , and the plates look like this:

(Note: this is not my license plate, it is the sample plate from Green Earth Office Supply, where they have pictures of all the states plates)

Pretty enough colors. Better than some. So I used them, and added yellow for my add in color.

I took these pictures the other day of my nephew as he was watching his dad chop wood (don't worry, he was a safe distance away!)

The boy hardly ever smiles when I try to take his picture (he is a little shy). So I usually start calling out funny words to get him to smile. Today's winner was "Chicken Snot!" LOL yeah, I know, but he cracked a smile, so it worked.

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angie worthington said...

congrats!...awesome layout!...