Sunday, May 17, 2009

May Mayhem

See this guy?

He and his friends are having a good time in the store over at Serendipity, and causing quite a lot of mayhem! So I have been looking for them all over the store.. they are sneaky little things though, hiding in the details, but still, have only 4 left to find.

Wanna play in the scavenger hunt?
Maybe play with some challenges?

Check out Seredipity Scrapbooks - the May Mayhem event is going on all month, so there is still plenty of time to get things done!

If you come, sign in and tell them I sent you - if you do that, and complete 3 challenges, I will earn 5 extra points!

What's the big deal about the points? Well, depending on the points, you can win prizes. And believe me, the prizes from Kristin at Serendipity are pretty cool - one of my favorite letter stamp sets was a Serendipity prize!

Hope to see ya over there!

1 comment:

Susan Stringfellow said...

LOL! Love your post! I am so glad you are having fun hanging with us at Serendipity.