Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Scrappy Story

Oh my, I am having SO much fun at the May Mayhem event....

Victoria posted the "Tell Me a Scrappy Story" challenge. For the challenge we needed to write an original 500 word story incorporating the names of the scrappy manufacturers that are sold in the serendipity store. {And there are quite a few of them, the list is HERE}. The first 4 players would receive 5 points.

Well, having dabbled in creative writing a little bit, and always being up for a challenge, I thought I'd give it a try.. so without further ado.. here is my Scrappy Story. {Disclaimer: while I have actually met a few of the people mentioned in the story, it in no way reflects any actual events, not even remotely {unfortunately!} LOL It is a complete fabrication!}

As I rode my little yellow bicycle down the Maya Road this lovely October afternoon, I was taking in the gorgeous views on this very scenic route, which was a riot of color from the Autumn Leaves. I was wearing my little black dress, designed by my friend Jenni Bowlin, and wearing my blue moon bead necklace. It was fun to zig and zag between the leaves, waving at the sailors, Rob and Bob, as I passed them. My tattered angels on the handlebars waved in the breeze, making me laugh.

I was on my way to Center City, to visit the Black Market Paper Society on Bella Boulevard. I was going to meet a lady named Heidi Grace, who was the best artist around the block. On the way, I crossed paths with 7 gypsies, who were happy and dancing in their fancy pants. They were a lot of fun, and full of moxxie, and one of the was quite the chatter box! She told me piggy tales about about her Kalaidescope, mermaid tears, and her friend Cosmo (the cricket) who lived in the Robins's nest - she had QUITE the creative imagination! She gave me a handmade memento, a basic grey jaquard accent design, and she had adorned it with a c-thru window to place a photo, or even some pressed petals, which would be nice to Reminisce about all my memories with my new friends.

Once I got to Center City, I stopped in the Paper Salon for a few Paper Accents, then at the Paper Company to pick up some pageframes. I had a lot of project essentials on my list, all the latest scrapbook trends, and could see such luxe designs with my mind's eye. The art institute glittered like glass in the sun, and the brilliance of the glitz design gave me such a creative impression. At the Crafter's Workshop, I saw Teresa Collins, who showed me some of Webster's pages, part of the Imagination Project. Now there is a rare talent. Webster taught me to Scrap within reach, tinkering with ink and paper on Technique Tuesday. "Stampendous!" he shouted. "We R Memory Keepers, may arts make you happy!"

I finally made it to my appointment, and I saw Heidi swapp some grafix with Lil Davis for a piece of cherry arte from Twisted Cherry Designs. "It's done in the American Traditional Design" she said. (I thought it looked like 3 bugs in a rug myself, and not like cherries at all. )

After shopping, I stopped in at Darcie's for lunch with Tim Holtz, Karen Foster, Mark Richards, Anna Griffin, and Melissa Frances. It was fun to have lunch, making memories with K and company, especially Tim, who is one of my favorite people. He is a pioneer, a ranger, a lot like Jesse James (except nicer!) and an all around good guy! He likes to share his crafty secrets on his blog, and adds timeless touches to all his projects. "Mari Me, you sassafrass lass!" he said, as he gave me an urban lily, which made me the happiest girl in the world. Such magistical memories! I felt like a queen (and company) as everyone cheered, and laughed when Mark made a "Hot off the Press!" comment after Anna asked what was going on.

Unfortunately, then, I woke up. It was just a chartreuse dream!

I still had to go to my appointment in Center City, so I dressed and got my bicycle and started down the Maya Road. Along the way I crossed paths with 7 gypsies.

"Deja View!" I thought.


aworld said...

Julie, I read this yesterday on their site. It is just GREAT, but you have always had that type of flair! Hope you win!

michele said...

Thank you so much for becoming a follower of my Extremely Crafty blog!