Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Lest we forget...

Take some time to remember those who have fallen while serving this country. There are so many that never made it home..
{photo from simply marvelous files at wordpress. com}

Sunday, we had our family picnic. It was nice to have family over, for a change. Here are group photos of the cousins.. it's amazing how big they are all getting (and stubborn.. you have NO idea how hard it was to get this close to having everyone smiling in the photo!)

Almost made it again, but the littlest one had to stick out his tongue... Ah well, that sparked even more fun photos..

This photo of my niece is by far one of my favorites this weekend.

Hope you all were able to spend some time with family.

Please keep the troops in your thoughts. Whatever you think about the war, the men who are serving deserve our support. After all, WE are the reason they are fighting.

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Chipmunk said...

Hi there! What sweet photos! Just dropped by to say thanks for joining our li'l blog hop. =)