Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I won a RAK from Tim Holtz!

The coolest thing...

I check Tim's blog every day - I used to check it sporadically, but once he started his 12 tags of Christmas last December, I added it to my homepage tabs so I go there automatically. Along with posts about his travels and classes, techniques and projects, he often has things to give away. (CKU gave him permission to give away tuition to CKU Houston a few months ago!). I will usually post a comment on these days, but never have won anything... he typically has HUNDREDS of posts on these days.

Well, guess what?

I WON A RAK! woohoo!

Checked the blog tonight, new post about a free class that I can't go to because it is in California. Went to the next one with the winners.. started reading a comment.. gosh that sounds familiar... WAIT that's MY post! And that's MY NAME! WOOHOO I WON!!

LOL Of course this is just at the point my mom is calling me in for dinner (yep, my mom lives with me).

Me: I won! I won!

Mom: Won what?

DD: You won?? Yay! You won!! (she has no idea what, but she comes in and gives me a big hug anyway)

Mom: it's dinner time, come and eat.

So she wasn't too excited, but I sure am! Here is a picture of what i won, and a link to Tim's blog post.


ScrappinShelly said...

OMG! Congratulations. I saw those flowers on his site and wanted them so bad. You are lucky!!

All moments remembered said...

THOSE are sooooooo yummmmmy!! You lucky girl you!! I am so exicted for you! You know him being my boyfriend and all makes those so extra special. LOL

Harley Dee said...

Ooh you won those flowers!! You go girl, I entered for them too.. Never knew anyone who won from his blog before, since there are usually over 300 comments! Congrats :)