Monday, April 28, 2008

Acrylic class, Flat Milli, and a weather rant

Heather and I have been talking about an acrylic album class at AMR. I am pretty excited about this, for a couple of reasons... First, I love helping corrupt.. I mean.. teach others about playing with acrylic albums! I love being able to promote the Clear Scraps albums, which are truly my favorite. Great designs, smooth edges, easy to alter.. I liked them best before I was on the DT too. (LOL) Second, Heather does an awesome job about picking out the monthly kits, that I am excited to see what she suggests for this kit. The class will be in June, to allow time for me to come up with the original, and for people to pre-order the kit so they can have them prior to the class. I already know which album I'm going to use, but I'm not letting that out yet LOL You'll just have to wait til Heather ok's the previews for it!

Flat Milli arrived yesterday! She is pretty cute, and has a little flower in her hair. We were going to go to town today, but DS wasn't feeling well, so we ended up not going. Tomorrow I will take her to work with me and take a few pictures there... and Tuesday is errand day.

And now for the rant. Who the heck decided it was ok to make the temperature so darned cold?? My redbuds are blooming, as are the fruit trees... I will be so upset if we end up with no fruit again this year because of the stupid weather. At least is didn't rain today.. I can't believe how high the river is. They said on the news tonight that had to put the last two floodgates in at Hannibal to keep downtown from flooding. The little island under the bridge I drive over to get to work every day is essentially gone.. the only thing visible are the trees. I was so sad the other day to see a momma goose on there with a nest.. because the water is not as high as it will get, and there is no way for her to move the eggs. This picture was taken out the window as I was driving over the bridge (took me three days to get a halfway decent one, as I just hold the camera up and snap a photo without looking!) Normally there is a good couple of feet of soil visible. Now, you can't even see the grass.

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Junebug868 said...

I definately agree with your weather rant...chilly hear in Ohio...back to dressing warm again...brrrrrrrrrrr...most of the spring flowers have sprung...but it's supposed to get warmer soon...I sure hope so...Luv the song when I opened up your blog...