Sunday, April 6, 2008

AMR Crop

Last night we had an online crop at AMR. (AMR has one every month). Lots of great challenges, and we had Karla Dudley come as our guest designer. Very cool. I love Karla's work.

We were able to ask her questions, and mine was (of course) about acrylic albums. (Responses were copied and pasted directly from the board)

ME: Karla, have you ever done an acrylic album? If so, what is you favorite embellishment/papers to use with the acrylics?

KARLA:I have actually! And I know what you mean about it being a bit overwhelming. I did this one recently using CK's April Kit of the Month and adding my own acrylic pages... ... vecto.html ( just scroll down a bit And I started on this one but didn't finish it yet... ... -mood.htmlI hope to do that one sometime And so yeah...I just come up with a plan. Like how many pages I want and what I want on each one. I tend to make it very uniform with elements that repeat throughout the album. I like to have pictures, envelopes etc. in between the acrylic pieces. I never officially bought an album. I just go to a craft store like Hobby Lobby and pick up acrylic sheets. They come in 8.5 x 10 and bigger. They're easy to cut and punch through with a Crop-a-Dial. Love that stuff and it's CHEAP!!!!!! That's always good because you can mess up royally and not feel the least bit guilty about it!!!! LOL!!!!

O...and I LOVE LOVE rub-ons with them. PERFECT!!!! I also like to put pictures on one side and pics/pp on the other. Bling and pearls would be great too on the cover.

So then I posted three of mine (Rhi, Snow Day, and TKD), and she replied:

WWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT???????? Those a AWESOME!!!!!!! Girl you need to be teaching classes!!!!! Absolutely stunning!!!!! And good for you on the DT gig! That's wonderful!!!!!!!! I love that winter sparkly ^----^And I never thought about double sided paper ....duh!!!!

ME: ThanksI have a couple that I actually like even better, but they are getting published, so I can't post them

KARLA: Congratulations Girl that is freakin' cool!!!! I know you will do great things with those skills honey! Keep it up!!!!!!!

Very cool, in my book.

I'll make another post later that shows my challenge pages. I got 3 and 3/4 layouts done before the end of the crop, and finished 5 of the 7 challenges. Still need to finsh the 4th layout.

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