Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tim's Tags - Day 3

(tags and photo by Tim Holtz)

Tim posted 2 tags for day 3! And man, check out those awesome plaid backgrounds!! Those were done using alcohol inks - much more detail on his blog!

And yeah, I bought some glossy paper today! Gonna have to try this technique out!

On another note - Received notice that my order was shipped from Nona Designs - NOT within the promised 24 hour time period for Rush orders (boo!) but they did discount the shipping (yay!) I suspect they have had tons of orders, so as long as everything arrives in good condition, I will still be happy.

Also! We received our tickets in the mail today for the Acoustic Christmas Concert in Kansas City! Hooray! And I was pleasantly surprised - I was expecting 2 tickets - and Tracy sent 4 tickets! wahoo! So excited to go... I hope the weather stays clear enough! I don't mind if it is cold, and it can snow, as long as it stays off the roads LOL. I just don't want any ice!

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