Sunday, July 26, 2009

The rest of my 850 mile "I can sleep when I'm dead" weekend

Drove up to Mason City, IA yesterday for the second JMC show this weekend - was a good trip, and we made good time. Took my son this time, and we had a blast. He thought I was crazy, driving 300 miles for a concert.. but.. hey.. it's JASON.
We got up to Mason City about 3 hours early {due to some miscalculations on my husband's and brother's part... LOL but better 3 hours early than 3 hours late!!} So we found the arena... and Jason's bus...
Then went into the fair itself to find out where to get tickets. {which.. turned out to be right next to the arena.. they just weren't there when we got there!} At the front of the fair, they had these GIGANTIC crop sprayers.. The back wheels are taller than Patrick!
Saw these cute little mini lop bunnies in the 4-H bunny barn
Got our tickets, had some food, then made our way back to the arena. The stage was cordoned off by at least 6 feet, so this was as close as we could get.
It may sound silly, but it pleased me to see that Jason had an opening band this year. Just one year ago, at Bowling Green, he was the opening band for someone else. And now look at him.
The opening band was called Jack Knife and the Sharps.. 3 person band {I couldn't get a good picture of the drummer from where I was - he's behind the bass player in this picture}. They also had a gal sing with them. The guitar player was really funny. And the bass player grinned and nodded at me when he saw me taking their picture.
Stopped over at the merchandise tent again and talked with the guy selling t-shirts {darn, I meant to ask him his name!}. Went up and said "I told you I'd make it." He looked at me kind of funny, but then grinned {So he either remembered me from Friday, or was just being really polite LOL} and asked me how the trip was.
Had fun chatting with some of the other people in the crowd. Almost got to meet Jason. {sigh} Maybe next time.
The "pre-concert mike stand check the camera settings" shot...
I wrote down the playlist this time.. it was a little different than the Carlinville show {He didn't play "Sorry Don't Matter" or "Friends in Low Places". He started with "Anywhere USA"
The stage was facing west, and of course, at 8pm, the sun is setting, so they all started out the show wearing sunglasses. {Wish I had a zoom lens, so I could have gotten some closer photos... though to be honest, I'm pretty happy with most of the ones I did get}
You can't tell me he doesn't have any fun doing this... Well, ok, you can tell me, but I sure wouldn't believe you! LOL
He had a lot of trouble with his microphone stand at this show.. so eventually he quit using it. That was ok. The coolest part of this show? He saw me, pointed at me, grinned, and waved. {So, again, he either remembered me from Friday night, or he's really super polite.. LOL which he may be anyway, but it was very cool}. {When I told my husband about this he said "He does that with all his stalkers" I said "Yeah, but at least he RECOGNIZED that I was one of his stalkers!" And no, I'm really not.}
Nah, he's not having any fun at all... ;)
Check Tim out... sun's going down.. he's still wearing his sunglasses...
yeah, no fun at all... and look - it's even darker, and Tim STILL has his sunglasses on! Most of the later photos are off on the lighting.. but still pretty cool. And still better than the photos from the Bowling Green show.
At the end of the show, he set down his microphone and jumped off the stage into the "safe" area and signed a few autographs. I think he likes the shows better when he can interact with the crowd a little more.. and I have seen him jump off that stage into the crowd more than once! My brother works a job doing lighting and sound and things like that {though unfortunately not with THIS crew!} and says a lot of it depends on the venue and what they want for security and what they have for insurance and stuff. Which is understandable, but still disappointing.
Drove to Des Moines after the show {after getting lost in Mason City thanks to MapQuest's stupid directions}. Crashed at my brother's place, met his roommate, and got to see Rowen again. Boy that boy is getting big. They have a lovely garden in the front with tons of Echinecea plants.. and of course, lots of bumble bees..

Patrick and Rowen

David and Rowen. {I really like this photo of my brother.} Ro is teething, and I couldn't get him to smile for anything today.

Took this picture while driving home.. Had found a place at the fair near the arena that was doing henna designs. Asked her if she could do the JMC letters, and then a simple bracelet. She copied the flourish design above the letters to make the rest of the bracelet.. it is pretty cool. Unfortunately, it will start fading after a week... but we'll see how much trouble I get in from it.. LOL

{And before you yell at me for taking pictures while driving, I never take my eyes off the road - I just snap a ton of pictures from different angles and see what I end up with when I stop somewhere. That's one of the things I love about having a digital camera... I can delete the 20 junkie ones it takes to get one that's halfway decent, and it doesn't cost anything!}

Had dinner, picked up my daughter, then headed into town for the circus. Stopped at the gas station.. and my daughter said "Look, there's Bumblebee!!!"

This is the second time we have seen the Carson & Barnes circus - they were here 2 years ago, and it was fun.

This is Isla, one of the circus elephants. We had a ride on her today too, but I didn't have anyone to take a picture of us while we were up there.

Most of the pictures didn't turn out well - not enough light, no zoom lens, and people and wires and things in the way. But I managed to get a couple. This one is the hula hoop girls. Amazing. I can't hula hoop with ONE.

During the intermission, they did face painting.

Putting the glitter on..

The elephants - Glad this photo turned out!

Had a FABULOUS weekend. And found out about a couple of more Missouri/Midwest JMC shows in August... wonder if I can arrange my weekend off for that weekend... LOL I've never stopped in Branson {though I have been through several times!}


Cindy said...

Wow that was one long post! But what an adventure! So glad he waved at you. And guess what? I found an answer for the AMR scavenger hunt right here. Thanks. ;)

Jen said...

Looks like the concert was a BLAST!!! How cool is that he waved at you, I say he recognized you!!!

The AMR scavenger hunt brought me by!!! Have a wonderful day!!! :)

grettas granddaughter said...

Sounds like you sure had a blast those days. And then to have him wave at you was even better. AMR scavenger hunt sent me here today.

Jennie said...

Julie! Your pictures are great. Could I beg you for a copy of that picture of Dave and Rowen? Please! Pretty pretty please... :-D