Sunday, July 19, 2009

The END of the LSSS!

Thank goodness this contest is over..
I'm not very happy with how it ended, but that's mainly because due to work, I had about half the time for the last challenge as everyone else. And truly, the "side effects" of the contest (the numerous layouts produced) are definitely the best part about the whole thing.
But still. To find out we were starting back from 0, when I knew I would have to spend so much time at work was depressing. And to end up unable to leave due to an emergency didn't help. {But I saved the dog's life, and that is FAR more important to me than making a few more layouts!}
I ended up placing third in the contest, and making the second highest total of layouts {but only because Terri went on vacation and withdrew - dang, that girl can SCRAP!!}. And don't get me wrong, I am happy that I placed at all. I mean, come on, I expected to be out after the first few challenges - I KNEW I wouldn't have as much time as everyone else! And Kimmy COMPLETELY deserved to win - she had 140 layouts going into the last challenge, and made a WHOPPING 30 layouts for the last challenge!
And of course, my big silver lining - 135 layouts! Yeah, I can't believe it either! My goal for 2009 was to complete 120 layouts. For the year!!! And in the MONTH this contest ran, I made 135 layouts! That doesn't include all the Staycation crop layouts, and the May Mayhem layouts, and the NSD layouts. un-freaking-believable! And the best part - with very few exceptions, I LIKE THEM ALL!
I have to have HL order more albums for me. AND more page protectors! And I'm going to have to find more book shelves! LOL.
Kudos to Jennifer for running the whole thing {and being the heavy if we did something unacceptable - certainly not something I would want to do!!!}, especially since she had to deal with some very bad news during the whole contest.
Thank you, to the Design Team for creating challenges that were just that - Challenging!! Some I definitely liked more than others {Loved that monochromatic challenge - THANK YOU Alona and Close to My Heart!!!}. I thought the BINGO challenge was a FABULOUS idea! The last challenge was definitely the most challenging - make a kit. Use your kit and ONLY your kit to make as many layouts as possible. I still have a ton left, and am debating if I want to see how many more I can make from it {though to be honest, it wouldn't be completely like what I would have done during the contest, the last 2 layouts I made were done differently than the rest of the ones from the kit, and used more paper than I would have used if I had more time}
And no, Sorry, I won't be posting all 135 layouts here, but if you want to see them, they are in my gallery at Serendipity. All of the 1180 LSSS layouts can be found HERE. {yeah, 1180 layouts! AMAZING, isn't it???}
So as a treat for myself, and my kids, and really my mom too, who have put up with this for the last month, we are going to see a fabulous double movie feature of Transformers and Harry Potter!! Yeah, I know, 5 hours at the movies, but hey, the kids want to, and after the last month, how can I say no? How is that a treat for my mom? She gets peace and quiet for 6 whole hours!! LOL
And next weekend.. JMC weekend baby! Woohoo! Cannot wait for that!!

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djp said...

great job! That stack of LOs is so impressive! you deserve a scrappy break for all your work last month!