Friday, February 20, 2009

AMR crop, revamped desk

Tonight is the Tropical Crop at AMR - and Nicole is having a scrap space challenge. We need to post pictures of our desks "right now" and then again on Monday showing what it looks like after the hurricane! LOL

So.. here is my desk tonight - I spent a little time this weekend revamping it a little - it's not completely done, and I'm not sure I like it, but we'll find out this weekend as I try to get some of the challenges done.
One of the things I was unhappiest about with my previous set up was that it was hard to get my inks out from where they were. I wanted to get some shelves like AnnCaryl has by her desk, and was lucky enough to find one that was realtively inexpensive. I have my StazOns on one shelf, and Tim's and Nick's inks on another. Also sitting on the TN shelf is my points list for Serendipity's Team Challenge. So far, I love having the inks there - they are much easier to go through. Also, on that shelf, I have 6x6 Basic Grey paper pads, 5.5x8.5 Bazzill packs, some favorite stamp sets, staplers, acrylic blocks, chalk inks, pigment inks, inchie stamps, loose gems (in a tin, not really loose LOL), journaling stuff, sandpaper, and my wire dress form that I have started putting ribbons on. It won't hold all my ribbons by a long shot, but I do like the look, and I like having some ribbons close at hand. I don't like that it is so high up right now, but since the ribbons extend past the base, it needs to be up on some kind of pedestal. But it works for right now. The little white basket holds 3.75x3.75 mat stacks. The ribbon is on a metal thing I picked up at hobby lobby - it looks like a mini paper towel holder, but it is perfect for ribbon. I also have my Big Bite sitting there, for lack of a better place at the moment.
The other thing I didn't like was that it was so easy to set things in front of the drawers with my pens... so now they are in a better place. I bought 2 more each of the 3 and 5 drawer setups, to have it go across most of the desk. I had to actually set them up on a piece of wood (taken from the old wood kitchen shelf I used to have) because I couldn't open the bottom drawers if the paper pad was on the desk. And since I do just about everything on the paper pad.. The package that is on the desk is a RAK I received today from my friend Abby - she rocks! She send me a calendar to put together, flowers, and a really awesome chipboard butterfly album with precut patterned paper pieces. It is really cool! I wish I could get her to make her handwriting into a font... I love her handwriting!
Another new thing above the desk are the wallflowers. When taking down the old cork board, it broke into pieces.. one of the things I liked best about the cork board was being able to pin up my flowers. So I took the small pieces and stuck them on the wall between the new shelf and the spice racks (which I didn't move). Then I stuck the flowers up there.. it's perfect, and I love how it fills up an otherwise useless space.
Spice racks - pretty much unchanged. On top of the drawers, I have my portable mini Ott light, my cast iron hand model with rings, my wire basket with MM and Scrapworks rubons, my Copic markers, the popdots tin, and a shot glass from my friends wedding, which has a couple of stamps in it. Peeking out from behind them is my dymo label maker.

The drawers. The first set has floss/needles, silver and pewter minibrads and jump rings, self adhesive gems (mostly the martha stewart ones I love so much), MM clears letters and shapes, white glitter alphabets, K&Co journal boxes, and the Heidi Swap large flowers (because I have too many and use them too often to put on the cork board!). The next set is full of markers and pens, sorted by type. The third set has colored pencils, stipple brushes and paint dauber tops, hammers, tweezers, piercing tools, rubon tools, dotto refills, liquid adhesives (not including zip dry), pins/charms, regular pens and pencils, and journaling pens. The last set has buttons, date stamps, staples and mini staplers, files/sanders, straight edged and deco scissors, other cutting tools, and some small alphabet stamp sets. So I still have a lot of stuff on the desk within easy reach, but I think some of them will be much more accessible, and it looks a lot neater than the pencil cups did.

To the right of the desk is the metal shelf system, and the small bathroom organizer. The shelf system hold my light, flower jars, specialty ink pads, some alphabet stamp sets, button jars, a couple of punches, and the QK Magnolia dies I love so much. The clear paint can with the ribbon scraps is hanging from the corner, and there are several hand punches stuck on one end. The other one holds my glue dots, x xyron, zip dry, edge distressor, and corner punches. The little green basket with the foam brushes needs a new home. The little blue one is for little scraps.

On Monday I'll get another photo and post again. It will be interesting to see how well the space works for the crop.

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