Wednesday, December 10, 2008

oh my gosh!

So I was checking out Tim's blog today for the latest tag {which is absolutely gorgeous!!}.. well at the end of each tutorial, he posts the winners for the RAKs from the previous day. And lo and behold, there I am! Wahoo! I'm SO excited about that! {and what a great day too.. I don't have any of those items, other than the blending tool, which if I get another one of those, that's ok! Tim had an awesome idea at CHA - he uses one tool per color - and keeps them on a whirly stamp holder, which I think is just fabulous!}

I haven't posted for the last couple of days, so here are the tags for the last few days.

Day 8 {metallic crackle paint! yummy!}

Day 9 {Love the painting and how the inked greenery resists the paints!}

Day 10 {there is so much i love about this tag! The crown, the embossing and perfect pearls on the reindeer, the alpha stamp, and the snap as the flower center - genius!}

Make sure to check out Tim's blog for all the instructions, as well as links to where you can find the products he used if you don't have them.

Another very exciting thing that happened today - since my son spent the night with his uncle and cousins, Mom, Rhi, and I went to town for Christmas shopping and a girls day out. While we were eating lunch, I asked Rhi if she wanted to get her ears pierced. We have been talking about it a lot since her 8th birthday, in October, and a few weeks ago, almost managed to get it done, but she chickened out at the last minute. Today she said she wanted to go, so off we went to the mall. Once we reached Clare's she started to change her mind again, but after looking around the store at the earrings, she decided to have it done. {Once she saw that there was a teddy bear to be held, she was fine with it} She chose the October birthstone posts, which are a pretty pink color, and did so well! With kids, they actually pierce both ears at the same time, which is awesome. {Otherwise there would be a lot of kids out there with only one earring!} And I was so proud of her - she didn't even cry. And by the time we got to the next store, she had already forgotten about them. So here are a couple of pics of her with her new earrings.


~Q~ said...

Yay!! Congratulations!!! so thrilled for you, be sure to post what goodies you get from Tim!

ScRaPbOoKfReNzY said...

Congrats on winning on Tim's blog! His tags really are awesome! I don't know if I could ever pull one off.

Lauri {Scrap Attack} said...

Yeah! Congrats on winning, that is too cool! Cute pictures of your daughter too, she looks so happy!

angie worthington said...

congrats on your timmy win!...those tags are gorgeous!!! have done a great job on all of them...