Thursday, December 11, 2008

11 random things, Tim's tags, and cousins

Day 11.. sadness, because this will be the second to last tag that Tim shows us. But my goodness, what beautiful tags they are! I really love the color on this tag - the blues, silvers and greys are simply gorgeous. Make sure to check out his blog for the technique - the little charms are really cool!
My friend Cathy, who is on the Clear Scraps DT with me, also posted a challenge on her blog to post 11 random things (kind of a randome cool coincidence there)

So... here goes..

1. I was born in Honolulu Hawaii. Nope, I don't remember it, unfortunately. My parents were both in the Air Force, and we left when I was very young. Someday I'll go back there. But only if I have a lot of time, because I would have to go by boat.

2. I am terrified to fly. Yep. I know, it's silly. Supposedly more people die in car crashes every year.. but I figure if I'm in a car crash at least I have a CHANCE if surviving it. I was actually doing pretty good about getting over that until Sept 11th. That was it. I don't even want to go into the AIRPORT, let along ON THE PLANE. Puts a SERIOUS dent in my plans to go back to Ireland someday.

3. I almost got in trouble in London for taking a picture of the Crown Jewels. Ok, so how was I supposed to know I couldn't take a picture of it?? There were NO signs posted! Turned out really crummy, but I scrapped it anyway.

4. I met John Michael Montgomery after a concert in Kansas City. A friend and I waited by his tour bus for autographs after the concert (which was AWESOME). When I told him that my husband was in the Army and one of his favorite songs was Letters From Home, he actually thanked me and wanted me to thank my husband for his service to this country.

5. If I could, I'd drive pretty much anywhere for a JMC concert :) Love that man's voice. I can't wait until his new album comes out (March or April - hopefully by my birthday in March!). There are some cool songs coming out.. "Where I'm From", "Home" and my personal favorite "Barn Burner". Rockin' country music... now if only I could get a recording of a bedtime story ;)

6. I love my new camera. My mom gave it to me as an early Christmas present. It is a Canon EOS Rebel XS. Takes some awesome photos. The only thing I don't like about it is fixable - it doesn't zoom as much as I would like but I plan on getting a lens for that for my birthday.

7. I love Harry Potter. What can I say? Witches, wizards, magic... great stuff. I can't wait til the next movie comes out (again, in April! argh!). I just recently picked up two new Harry related books - Beedle the Bard, and a History of Harry, which includes a lot about JK Rowling's process in creating HP. Need to find time to sit down and read them.

8. I like to play Final Fantasy on the Playstation. My favorite is 7 (with Cloud, Tifi, and Barrett). The one I'm playing now is 10.. and it's pretty good too. I don't play often, but when I do, it's for several hours at a time!

9. My favorite drink in the wintertime is Oregon Chai latte. Yum! My son also likes it. He's so sweet, when he wants a cup, he always comes over and asks me if i want one too. {I canNOT believe he is almost taller than me! when did THAT happen?!}

10. I have a llama. His name is George. Actually we have 2.. the other one's name is Kirby. Kirby was named after the little orange fuzzy alien child in Chicken Little.

11. Some of my favorite songs are by Wierd Al Yankovic - specifically "Yoda" {which my kids also love}, "One More Minute" {which always makes me think of Apollo and Starbuck from the ORIGINAL Battlestar Galactica {where Starbuck is actually a GUY} in a doo-wop line - LOL not sure I want to explain that one }, and the Ebay Song {which makes me literally LOL}. If you stay on my blog long enough, and still listen to the music, you'll hear them all eventually.

Took this photo of the tree last night.. makes me laugh.. it is one of DS's TKD ornaments... and he looks like he is kicking the present!

This is my DS with his cousin. Aren't they cute??

Well, I sat here long enough working on this post and listening to JMC songs that Tim has posted his Day 12 tag. Even more sadness, now that it is over. But he uses some cool techniques on this tag too {building the clock, stamp masking}. I hope he does more of the monthly techniques this year. When he replied to the email i sent with my address, he said he hadn't decided what he was going to do with the blog next year. Whatever it is, I'm sure there will be some GREAT projects and products, and TONS of inspiration! Thanks Tim.

Tomorrow, I will be posting a RAK, in honor of my 100th blog post. Wow. I remember when I started this blog.. I thought I'd never have that many posts. Thanks to those that read it.


~Q~ said...

Congrats Jewlz on the new camera! Enjoy it and hope you and yours have wonderful holiday season! BTW, did you get my e-mail?

Lindasueanne said...

Congrats on winning on Tim's blog!! And 100 posts, awesome!!