Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve

Have to say, mine hasn't been great so far (bad day at work, not quite ready for company tomorrow, and having major issues with DH at the moment.) but there have been a couple of things that I am very happy about, and a few things I am very thankful for.

Last week I sent packages out to a couple of friends - one was a secret santa package for Jingle, who I greatly admire, and who I know has a thing for cupcakes. So when I saw, in Hobby Lobby, before the names were chosen, a whole set of kitchen pieces that were cupcakes, I hoped I would get her name, because I wanted to send one to her. So I was really happy when I was given her name. Most of the pieces, unfortunate were not really practical to ship, but there was a little cupcake dish that would be perfect. The frosting comes off and the rest is a nice little dish to hold things. Then, of course things snowballed from there. She is going to post about it later, so when she does, I'll put the link here.

The second package was done kind of as a last minute thing, and was for Abby, who is somebody I like very much, and have gotten to know pretty well as a Late Nite Girl on AMR. {especially since we were doing a lot of trades on the PIF thread!} Anyway, Abby posted a layout she wanted to scraplift about a pink Christmas tree. And I thought, how cool would it be to send her one. {Do you know how hard it is to find a pink Christmas tree??} I looked everywhere. Found one at Hobby Lobby, but it was a goofy looking metal thing and I didn't want to send it. So I thought I could make one. Had an idea about making a feather tree from the paper mache trees I had bought {intended to be used for entries for the Pink Paislee Design Team search.. that never happened} - and was even in line with the feather boas and stuff, and I looked up and saw this really cute little silver tree. Yeah. Not pink. But ... I can paint it! yeah! so I got out of line, picked up the tree, walked to the back and threw the boas back on their hooks and went to the paint aisle. {Do you think they had metallic pink paint?} But i found something that would work, took it home, and about fumigated myself while painting it {I even did it outside... unfortunately, it was just windy enough that i STILL ended up with paint on my hands.} Then I had to wait til the odor was gone enough to seal it into a box. {Didn't want her to pass out when she opened it after all!} In the meantime, made a little star for it. Took forever to find a box it would fit in to ship - ended up taking one from a different Christmas tree. {eh, I've got totes LOL}. Put it in my car.. well between weather and work it took me 3 days to get both packages to the post office. Got them sent out finally - and I have been so worried it would not get there on time. Because to me.. if you are giving a Christmas tree as a Christmas present.. it really needs to be there BEFORE Christmas. When I checked the tracking number yesterday, there was still nothing updated. Luckily, it arrived today.. and HERE is Abby's post about that. So that made me pretty happy.

And the things I am thankful for?

I am thankful that my 8 year old DD still believes in Santa - and I am thankful that, even though 12 year old DS doesn't... he is willing to play along.
I am thankful to have a home - even if it is an old drafty one. {I'll be even more thankful when my brother fixes the back door and the electricity, so it is both a warmer and less expensive house, and I can move back into my scraproom}
I am thankful that my family is healthy.. there have been many friends with many health problems this year... luckily we are not included with that.
I am very thankful for my mom, without whom most of what I do would not be possible.

So if you're reading this, and I don't have a chance to post anything tomorrow.. I hope you will have a good Christmas. I'm not sure it'll happen here {with 12 people in my house, including DH}.

Have a good one.

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Rachel said...

What a gem you are!! Spreading the holiday cheer with those fabulous gifts you found and made.

I hope you have a heavenly Christmas!!


aka *SunnyNColorado* @ AMR