Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Accidental Demon Slayer, and a tough challenge

I just finished this new book, The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox. It is such a great book - one of those that I didn't want to put down until it was done!
She has a little quiz thing to find out what your Biker Witch name... Mine was Skullcap Sue Fancy Pants. {great name for a scrapper, eh?}
Had an interesting last few days. Janet asked me if I would do a challenge for the store. Sure, I said. Ok, can you get it done by Friday. Yeah, no problem. Heh. Wrong on that count..

The challenge was to use 2 baggies of supplied items. The only additional things you could use were on a very short list. My problem is they wanted Prism cardstock. Well, guess what. There is NO prism cardstock in NE MO. Or across the river in IL. And I had no time to order any online. Ok. So my good friend AnnCaryl, who was going to be in Columbia, offered to check there for Prism cardstock. Nope. No such luck. As I said, there is no Prism cardstock in NE Mo.

So I'm left with this:
Inside the evidence bag was THIS:

The squares are 2x2, double sided. Otherwise, that's it. Can't add any other embellishments, can only use what's in these two bags, adhesive and cardstock. Any project using anything else would be immediately disqualified.

So last night after watching America's Got Talent, I sat at my desk and stared at this stuff. What the heck was I going to do? I had already played around with the butterflies.

I thought I wanted to make something dimensional. So I thought of making a box. Ok, that might be possible. Played around with it. Until I came up with this :

Closeup of the butterflies:

Photo of the inside of the box.

Just for size comparison, I took a photo of the Happy Birthday box next to the Wedding box I made for Jaime last year.


Jackie said...

OMG, that is just too cute!!!!

Anne Marie said...

You are too clever! I'd say you were good at thinking "outside the box", but've been showing a lot of boxes lately, LOL!

Alecia said...

That book sounds GOOD, may need to order that one!!

What a crazy challenge, sounds intimidating, but you did a FAB job!!

jle2008 said...

Where can I learn to make the wonderful boxes!
Looks like tons of fun, thanks for sharing them.

Vel said...

Well now, that is just downright fabulous! Nice work!