Sunday, July 27, 2008

JMC Concert

Took a break from everything tonight.. I was on call Thurs and Fri, and am on call Sun and Mon, so since I had Sat PM off, I got outta dodge for a little while. My friend Kolette and I went down to the Pike Co Fair in Bowling Green, MO because Jason Michael Carroll was playing. The best show. It was great. My god that man is energetic. He has an awesome voice, and a totally infectious smile.. it was so nice to see someone putting on a show that was having a great time doing it!

The only downside to it, was several of us were waiting near the tour bus, hoping he would come out and sign autographs. Every so often, a different band member would come outside - we were able to get their autographs, but they kept saying Jason would come out later. After John Anderson was done playing. blah. blah. blah. *2 hours* later, they come over and tell us - "He's already gone, he's at the hotel room." huh? So how can he come out later if he's not on the bus??

Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad a Jason. I understand about things going wrong (tour buses breaking down.. having to find a new guitarist before the next show - On Tuesday)... but I don't understand why they would tell someone that Jason was going to come out when he wasn't even there! Geez, how hard is it to tell me the first 10 times I asked.. "Sorry, he's already gone" instead of saying "oh, yeah, he might come out after the show." Frustrating!

Here are a couple of pics...

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