Monday, July 28, 2008

Brittany's Battle

Last night at the concert, Jason had dedicated his song "Livin' Our Love Song" to a girl named Brittany, saying for more information to go to As we were standing near the tour bus after the show, I noticed a "Britanny" decal on the bus, right near the door. So today I did, and found that Brittany was a young woman, only 19, who developed lung cancer. Brittany didn't smoke. Because she was young, cancer was not even thought about until it was too late.
Jason is the honorary chairman of the Brittany's Battle organization. I think it is awesome when a star dedicates not just their money, but also their time to helping out with things like this.
I was hoping to get a chance to sneak up to Waverly on Tuesday to catch another show, but it's a little far for this week. We are planning on going to the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion in August though, and will catch him again there. I am still hoping for an autograph - I have printed an 8x10 of one of the photos in the previous post, and it would be awesome to have it signed.
I almost have my atc's for the seasonal swap done.. they are turning out pretty well. Still have a few others to get done, but it's been a busy week. As soon as these are sent off, I'll have another Clear Scraps album to work on, as well as a few layouts - I want to do a couple of CHA layouts, as well as one from the concert last night.
Well, it's storming pretty bad, so I had probably better get offline.

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aworld said...

Hope you all are okay......that was some storm!!! I was afraid you guys might be washed down hill. I have never seen the rain come in waves like that. Our street was flooded. It is forecast to rain ALL week. If it keeps up, I don't think you can get to Waverly...36 is closed because of the Salt River.