Thursday, February 11, 2010


Oh, gosh it has been a while since I have blogged. And it isn't because I haven't been online, just have been caught up with other things.

Have been keeping up pretty well with the P365 blog - check it out for the little snippets from the last few weeks. Have done much better this year than last year - have been able to get a photo every day so far - doesn't always get blogged that day, but at least I haven't missed a photo.  Not sure I am going to actually scrap it - right now blogging is going to be about as good as it gets.

Been having major issues with my car - suffice it to say, if I had the money to buy a new car, I would jump on that in a heartbeat. Add in the snow, and the crappy job the county does with plowing our county road - I think I have spent more time at work this year than I have at home. Not cool.

Problems at home too - One of the guys we would get hay from was killed in a tree-cutting accident, and the other guy has become really unreliable. Do you know how hard it is to find hay that someone will deliver in the middle of February?? Not easy. Everyone is either sold out or too far away. I hate it when people say they are going to deliver something and then don't. At least the stove is working well, now.

Have done a few scrappy things - have some stuff I want to be working on, but  hard to have any mojo in this kind of situation. Which is too bad - the Team Challenge is giving extra points for heartthrob layouts this month.

So I'll try to have something scrappy related to post soon.

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