Sunday, February 21, 2010


It started snowing yesterday... 

Took this photo last night, trying to catch how hard it was snowing. Turned off the autofocus, because that makes it harder to catch the falling snow. 
 Still snowing today... took this photo at about 3 in the afternoon. It was snowing really big fat blobs of snow, and we had hoped that meant it would stop... but no.. it's 11pm at the time of posting, and still snowing, though not as hard.

 Hera, the snow dog...
 Rhi and I built a snowman today..  she made both of these snowparts before I managed to get outside to help her, but had trouble getting the smaller ball on top of the base. So I helped. 

 Rhi and Mr. Buckethead
We used a carrot for the nose, a pinecone for the mouth, and leaves for the eyes.
My snow angel
Took this photo at about 10pm. In the middle of my driveway. Which was shoveled before this weekends snowstorms.
Since we live on a county road, at the edge of the county, and my tractor is currently not working... I have doubts about getting to work tomorrow.

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Jennie said...

Yay for snow pictures. My poor snowman got buried by more snow, we can't even see him anymore.
Rhi looks too cute.