Friday, April 3, 2009

HA! I was right! (And I'm not even into cars....)

I have been saying all along, that the truck Bella drives in the Twilight movie isn't the right truck. In the books, she drives a 53 Chevy with rounded fenders (So stated in New Moon - I'll tell you the page number when I get home ;) ) Every time I see the truck in the movie, it bugs me, because it isn't the right one (yeah, ok, so I'm a purist...)

So I'm perusing through Stephenie Meyer's website... And I find a page titled "The Cullen Cars", intended to show the cars (and motorcycles) that were portrayed in the books.

And look what I found! A picture of Bella's truck!

Bears a striking resemblence to Jones, dunnit?

LOL Guess I know what color he's going to be painted now, eh?

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