Monday, March 3, 2008

Saturday crop

So I went to a Crop for the Cure on Saturday.. that was cool - and a lot of fun. The Cure part was to make some money for vasculitis research. There were a lot of ladies at the crop, so hopefully they made quite a bit!

I finished a new album there.. a wedding album for a friend of mine.. it is done using the schoolhouse album. (Janet took pictures - as soon as she sends them to me, I will post them!)
It was a lot of fun to make.. now I just have to duplicate it so CS can have one too (yeah, I can just see me going to James... "Uh... can I have that album back for ______?") Had one of the other croppers ask me when I started the album... and look at me dumbfounded when I said "After I got here." Her response "You did that whole thing HERE?" hehe. This is the first album I have used the Zip Dry adhesive on... didn't like it at first, because it does have a strong odor, but you get used to it. And MAN that stuff STICKS. One of the pieces on the album is a large flat glass bead with a photo behind it - the bride had made them into magnets for the wedding reception. I pulled off the magnet and stuck one on the album (as the center of a flower). The Zip Dry has NO PROBLEM keeping it in place! And that thing is HEAVY.

They also had door prizes (I won a page kit) and a raffle... the grand prize was an awesome Stampin' Up basket... TONS of stuff in there! (naturally, I didn't win it!). But I DID win a printer! woohoo! It is a Lexmark that will print photos, scan things, copy things, etc. And it has slots for my camera cards! Cool, huh?

Picked up a cool new set of stamps from Inque boutique there too. They will be perfect for setting up holes to punch in spirals.. to use either with or without eyelets! So much potential for these!

Also got my hands on the new Crop-O-Dile, though I didn't buy one (YET). Will definitely have to get one of those!Made it very easy to put eyelets into the middle of the acrylic page!

Haven't been doing much otherwise lately. Been playing a game called FATE. If you haven't seen it, and you like D&D type games, you should check it out. (If you don't know what D&D means... LOL.. don't bother). Everyone in my family actually has their own player.. it is a lot of fun. And yes, rather addictive.

It was 70 degrees here today... it was SO nice outside! Now if only it would stay that way! It is supposed to be back in the 30's tomorrow. UGH.

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