Sunday, March 23, 2008


I joined up with a group of girls from AMR to do a Flat Scrapper swap. It works on the same basic premise as the Flat Stanley that we did in school - you make a flat friend (in this case, a flat version of ourselves!) and send it out to someone. They take the flat friend to places around their town, take pictures, and then send the flat friend on to someone else. 12 of us on the AMR board have decided to make Flat Scrappers and send them out!

Flat{jewlz} will be leaving tomorrow. She will be heading out to Richmond Virginia to visit with GayBow, then I'm not sure where she goes from there! It will be so interesting to see where she is going! She has her own blog, and it will be updated with pictures of her travels.


Nicole P said...

I love you Flat Scrapper!! Too cute!

Nicole P said...

Oy Vey!!
Can we all say "proof read your comments Nicole."
I love you Flat Scrapper! That is funny.
I meant to say, I love YOUR Flat Scrapper.