Monday, April 19, 2010


No scrappy mojo lately.. things are tough around here at the moment, and tough things IRL make for very little scrappy mojo.

Will hopefully be getting tickets soon to the JMC show in June in Burlington... don't want to miss that.

Have been working on a couple of bracelets lately.. yeah, JMC related.. Finished up the concert bracelets for DD and I, then did another JMC bracelet that is a rather full charm bracelet - every link has either a charm or some beads on it. I know some people might think that is too much, but I like it that way.

I have to redo the photo charms though - tried to move them before they were completely dry, and they got stuck together {grr}. but wanted to have them in there for the photo, cos it will be a few days before I can get replacement charms. Each charm, and even the beads, stand for something related to JMC.. there were a couple of charms I wanted but couldn't find {a small house, and something from NC, probably the NC logo from the Tarheels}, so there are extra hearts.. if/when I find the other charms, the hearts will have to go!

Brown beads: for Jason's brown eyes
Blue teardrop beads: for the song, Tears
Frog: this charm is for the frogs collected and delivered to the kids at the NC children's hospital through Brittany's Buddies. {Incidentally, this year, BB collected 1100 frogs!! woohoo!}
Red Heart:Just because I liked it :)
Angel Wing: Jason's Aerosmith inspiration.
Photo charm: this picture is from the Mt. Pleasant concert {the most damaged charm, unfortunately}
Concho heart: made me think of a cowboy heart
Photo charm: from the Mason City concert. {Ended up with a bubble there has to be an easier way..}
Longhorn: Another Texas image, and for some reason it made me think of the Longbranch, where Jason has played often.
Apple: for Jason's many references to apple juice on Twitter
Pickup truck: he references trucks in several songs - Where I'm From, That's All I Know, Waitin' In the Country.. had to have one..

J alpha charm
Heart with love
M alpha charm
Texas State charm: because Jason was born in Texas
C alpha charm {a little hard to see in the picture, but it is there}
Tractor: "Where the truck's a Ford, and the tractor's green"
Phot charm: another photo from the Mt. Pleasant show

G Clef Charm: music.
Photo charm: another photo from the Mason City show
Pink heart
Palm tree: for Brittany. {I read on the Brittany's Battle website that palm trees were a favorite}
Princess crown: for the fairytale princess line from Livin' Our Love Song

My daughter wants me to make one for her.. don't know what I will make one this fancy, unless I can find a less expensive place to get charms. We did talk  about other  bracelets we would like to make though, including a Twilight bracelet {sparkly heart, wooden wolf, red heart, apple, chess piece, red and black beads, etc} and a My Little Pony bracelet {not just any pony bracelet.. noooo a My Little Pony bracelet}
But if I am going to continue with the bracelets, I want to get the holder that you can put the bracelets on that makes them easier to work with.

That's about all the crafty I have been lately. Need to get Mr. Mojo back, so I can finish the 24 puzzle pieces in the next couple of days {have them all started, just need to embellish them}.

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Jessica Griffin said...

Absolutely adore your bracelet! We just started one for my oldest daughter, though... not about JMC!! Hope you're doing well! Sorry about the lack of mojo... if I find something worth while, I'll send it your way!