Monday, January 25, 2010

April 3rd!

LOL Yeah, I know that today is not April 3rd.. but man oh man I can't wait until April 3rd.

Cropped all weekend at the Serendipity crop - that was awesome. Got a lot of challenges done, really happy with that.

Didn't get to bed until after 4am. Knew I had to get up early because somebody {rolling eyes} forgot to send off the electric bill and it had to be paid by today. So I was thinking what an awful day it was going to be - just enough sleep to not be able to get back to sleep, but not enough sleep to make it through work tonight. Oh, yeah, and it's snowing. Oh, yeah, and the transmission is STILL acting up. Oh, YEAH, and the electric company is 15 miles away. Joy.

So I get the car warmed up and get started on the road - for once, don't have a CD in the player.. and the first song I hear on Kick FM is Josh Thompson's Beer on the Table. I love this song. The first time I heard it {SAW it} was on GAC when they played the video. Was really happy when I started hearing it on the radio.  The song is funny, but oh so true.. Josh is a funny guy too - you can follow him on twitter @TheJoshThompson

Ok. Roads aren't quite as bad as I thought, and the next song on the radio is Blake Shelton's Hillbilly Bone - Funny song. The video is HILARIOUS. You can follow Blake on twitter too, but.. fair warning - he is a potty mouth. @blakeshelton.

Went in, paid the bill, got back out into the snow. Turn on the car. The first thing I hear is someone requesting "where I come from". The DJ says "You mean the Jason Michael Carroll song."  First of all, how cool that the DJ knows who he is, but what can I say - the radio stations around here play a LOT of Jason's songs. So they play Where I'm From. And after the song was over the DJ said "And Jason will be in Quincy on April 3rd for the Firefighter's benefit show...."

WHAAAAAT?? Quincy?! Like, 24 miles from my house WHERE I WORK Quincy?!

Yeah. Big grin on my face. Totally made my day.

So now y'all know why I can't wait til April 3rd. Definitely going to ask for that day off, just as soon as I get to work this evening.

{Oh, yeah, and don't forget y'all can follow Jason on twitter too @JMCOfficial }

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