Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Look, we made the NEWS

Clear Scraps made the local news tonight! woohoo!
I had stopped in the store and over at Jackie's tonight and they told me the news crew had been at the store earlier. How exciting!


There is a link to the newscast too.

Saw two of my albums during it, but was bummed they weren't on there for longer. My daughter was thrilled to see her picture on TV though.

Ok, saw this again on the 10pm news... got to see one of my albums for a little bit longer... wish I had a VCR player hooked up to my TV!

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All moments remembered said...

Congrats to you all!!!! I love your designs! I showed them all off on my blog yesterday. I have some of the clearscraps in now but looking forward to having my new order coming. These albums are the best!!! I wish you all the best success ever! Have fun designing the albums. Hey would you ever want to come chat on my message board one weekend evening? You could tell the girls how easy it really is to do the albums. So many are intimidated still by the acrylic!!! Let me know if you are interested.